Stefans Marinaki - EDM Producer

About Me

My name is Stefans Marinaki and I’m sophomore at Coventry University. I’m studying Music Technology and I have a desire to become a music producer.


Early days and influence:

I was born in a family of musicians therefore music surrounded me since my early years. I remember how I was listening to my father’s cassettes on a tape recorder. There were such artists as Bob Marley, Joe Cocker, Metallica and many more. At the primary school, I started to listen to my sister’s playlists that included Nu-Metal and I quickly fell in love with Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit’s music. During teenage years I was swallowed up by the hype of Dubstep and even now I’m sticking to this genre. 


Beginning of the journey:

When I was 15 I decided to learn how to play the guitar and played mostly covers of different metal bands. Luckily, soon I had a chance to jam with friends and even perform a few times on a local talent show at high school that helped me to become more confident in my endeavours.

After two years of the guitar playing, just for the sake of fun, I started making beats for my classmates using FL Studio 10. I swiftly realised it was the thing that I want to do and in which I want to become better…In music production.

Till my graduation in 2018, I was making beats and was helping my friends with vocal recording. But after school, everything broke up and It was a good chance to start something new.

I began to learn how to make EDM and have been releasing songs under the nickname “Syndazy”. In the following year 2019, I accomplished “CD DJ” course and had been playing in clubs for a little while. After not a long time I realised that performing it’s not for me and I returned back to my lovely DAW.


What happened next and what’s happening now?:

After some thoughts, I decided to go to university and to study what I was really passioned about.

I moved from my homeland Latvia to the United Kingdom and continued realising music during studies.

In the spring of 2020, I had my first significant collaboration with a student of the University of China where my tasks were effects creation, mixing and mastering of the pop song.

At the moment I’m still studying in uni and began to explore Cubase where I would like to do most of my projects in the future. Meanwhile, I continue producing electronic music and willing to upload more content than in past years!